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Narrow Road

Accountant Missing in Action


Within 30 days Account filed and settled

Accounts were filed and settled in record time, with a happy client and a much happier HMRC

0 Penalties

We managed to ensure that no late penalties were given to our client

Good Standing

Relationships matter. By adressing the problem as soon as the client became aware of the difficulties, we were able to rectify the problem, and adress any future issues

The Process

We worked closely with the client to get all the relevant information to help in reconstructing their account history. Having a good relationship and being in good standing with HMRC, meant that we were able to work closely together to resolve the issue of the un-submitted accounts. We submitted and filed the necessary documents all within 30 days from taking on the project. Saving our client further penalty fairs and landing in even more touble with HCMRC.

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