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Business books

Acounts Preparation

  1. Preparation of the accounts

  2. Forwarding draft sets of accounts to your for approval

  3. Keeping registers of hire purchase agreements and of fixed assets. Accounting for both in the most tax efficient way

Personal Tax Affairs

1. Completion of the personal self-assessment tax return for you

2. Producing your tax affairs report explaining current and future tax

liabilities and providing key information regarding pensions and tax


3. Submitting returns to the Inland Revenue and obtaining their approval

4. Advising you of payment dates for Personal Tax liabilities

5. Receipt and processing of Inland Revenue forms SA310 (if required)

6. Completion of claim to reduce your payments on account. (if required)

7. Receipt and review of Inland Revenue statements of account

8. Correspondence and telephone calls requesting your documentation

and return of your Personal tax return to us

9. Ensuring that the Inland Revenue receives your tax return thus avoiding

the late penalty fine of £100

10. General correspondence with the Inland Revenue about any of the

above issues

Business Consultation
Book of Laws

Business Tax Issues

1. Ensuring maximum capital allowances are claimed, including first year allowances, based on assets purchased during the year

2. Completion of form CT600 based on the above accounts and obtaining the agreement of the Inland Revenue

3. Dealing with routine correspondence arising from submission of the accounts and tax returns

4. Advising you of payment dates for Corporation Tax liabilities both at the time of preparing the accounts and again six weeks prior to the payment date

VAT Returns

Starting from £250

Self Employed

Starting from £300

Tax Rebate & Tax Returns 

Starting from £150


Starting from £750

Wills / Probate

Starting from £75

Limited Companies

Starting from £750
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