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Importance of Accounting

The Challenge

There are many people who have travel for their work. Whether it be flying to different countries, rotating between various office campuses’ or travel to customer job sites – travelling as part of your job role is something almost everyone has experienced

Those people who travel for their employer to different sites, may already have received some compensation for miles or expense incurred; however, few know that they may still be entitled to tax rebates for their travel expenses, even if their employer pays them milage

My client worked for a construction firm and had to travel frequently to various job sites across the city. By going through her records, I was able to get my client a tax rebate of £11,000 on top of the expense her firm had already paid her. This was a great saving that she would otherwise have missed out on had she not contacted me and hired me to go through her financials

She was even more delighted to hear that in some cases she could receive a rebate of up to £20,000



To make sure you get the most out of your money, make sure that you have your finances regularly checked by a professional. As an accountant I am aware of the various rebates available to people in all different lines of work and having me or any professional check your finances will save you money in the long run.

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