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Does National Minimum Wage Only Apply when You Are Paid Hourly?

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Does National Minimum Wage Only Apply when you are paid Hourly

The 'national minimum wage' is the legal minimum an employer can pay anyone working in any UK nation. The rates go up on 1 April each year.



Under 18

Age 18 -20

Age 21 -22

Age 23+

April 2023






April 2024






These rates apply to everyone, even if you're NOT paid hourly.

For example, if you're 23 or older, and currently working 35 hours a week, your annual salary must be at least £18,964.

From 1 April 2024, the legal minimum wage will increase for apprentices and across all age bands to the amounts shown above. The top rate will also apply to everyone aged 21 and over, rather than 23+ as is currently the case.

The national minimum wage ISN'T optional. Regardless of what your contract says, your employer has to pay you the right amount – otherwise, they're breaking the law.

The main exception is if you work for yourself!



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